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Bailey’s Naturals
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We believe that the earth has provided all we need to achieve and maintain a healthy body. We also strongly believe that knowledge is power. We work diligently to assist our customers in educating themselves not only about medicinal herbs and nutritional supplementation, but also healthy lifestyle choices. We believe in self-sufficiency through health-sufficiency, and promote a re-dedication to health and wellness, realizing that a strong personal commitment is the foundation of good health.


Safety Harbor Patch

Safety Harbor Patch

What is Patch? Simply put, Patch is an innovative way to find out about, and participate in, what's going on near you.

We're a community-specific news, information and engagement platform driven by passionate and experienced new media professionals. Patch is revolutionizing the way neighbors connect with each other, their communities, and the national conversation.


BodyWork By Ed

BodyWork By Ed

A massage with BodyWork By Ed starts with an initial consult where we discuss how to build the "PERFECT" massage for you. In most massage treatments I incorporate a combination of relaxation (Swedish) massage with "comfortable" deep tissue (I don't believe deep tissue needs to be painful to be therapeutic), with different elements of Sports Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy and Thai Stretching. My massage is a continuous flow - there is no break in contact until you turn over. Very relaxing AND therapeutic.


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