I went on an adventure into the jungle of Belize to Dr. Rosita Arvigo's home. I was there to learn the advanced techniques of Arvigo Maya Abdominal Therapy®. I stayed just 15 minutes away from the main area and on the property of a wonderful resort called Chaa Creek, in one of their casitas http://www.chaacreek.com/accommodations/belize-on-a-budget-casitas. Chaa Creek is in the Cayo District of San Ignacio, Belize, which is about 30 minutes from the Guatemalan border. 

I was there for 10 days. I flew in and stayed my first night in Belize City at a historic lodging along the sea called, The Great House. The next day, I took a two hour ride West through central Belize toward the Belize/Guatemalan border. I was informed by a teaching assistant that we were going to be staying in the jungle and 'oh boy, was she right'!! Our casitas was surrounded by towering green plants with gigantic leaves, lofty jungle trees, big big spiders (tarantulas and wolf) , birds (toucans and many more), Howler Monkeys ( crazy dinosaur-loud calls every morning at 5:30AM) and last but not least, jaguars. I’m know that there were many more jungle animals, birds and reptiles that were unobserved and even some of the others that I did observe during the nightly creepy-crawly tour, I am unsure of their titles—like a combination sloth/monkey. The jungle is truly alive…


We were in class from 9:00AM -6:00PM each day for six days.  Daily, we went on an adventurous-centering-vitalizing-sense-invoking 15-minute hike to Rosita’s home on the medicine trail. The Ixchel Medicine Trail was started by Rosita (along with a traiditional Maya healer and shaman, Don Elijio Panti) 25+ years ago with all natïve medicinal plants: the medicines of Belize. There are lots of labeled plants and herbs on the trail at this point and the trail runs alongside the Macal River…watch out for the North American crocodile!! The Ixchel medicine trail draws thousands of people from all over the world each year. 

I learned a lot of –for me— “new” amazing Arvigo Maya techniques and most of these techniques were handed down by the brilliant-genius-shaman-healer-physician, Don Elijio Panti and the just-as-skilled-midwife-healer, Hortence Robinson and added to by the amazingly gifted Dr. Arvigo herself. Some of these newly learned techniques are so powerful that when preformed, can actually put both practitioner and client into an altered state of consciousness. 

One day, in the middle of the week, we went on a field trip to break up the six days of class. We, 16 women from all across the world, and the U.S., along with a few teaching assistants and teachers, took a two hour canoe ride down the Macal River toward San Ignacio to visit and speak with a 95-year-old healer, Ms. Wana. She is a local healer “neighborhood physician” treating a community on the outskirts of San Ignacio, treating all aliments with herbs. This is the practice of ancient ancestral healers: treating their patients with wisdom, herbal remedies, effective bodywork and such therapies that have been passed on for thousands of years and these treatments work because their patients get better.

We also went to an ancient Mayan site called Xunantunich. It was there that I learned from our tour guide about two other ancient Mayan sites, Caracol: a two hour drive south in Belize (the largest Mayan city uncovered to date) and Tikal, a two hour ride west into the jungles of Guatemala (the most architecturally elaborate and majestic Mayan site uncovered to date and is considered a world wonder). 

On the last day of class, and after I passed my certification exam, I decided to stay one more day to relax by the Chaa Creek pool, but an opportunity landed at my feet that night to go into Tikal the next morning and I took it! It was so worth the 4:00 am wake up call to go on this beautiful adventure. Tikal will leave you speechless …beautiful, enormous temples rising out from the thick of the jungle and up into the sky. 

My consciousness was expanded by way of stories shared by the locals, tales of mystical shamanic powers, capabilities and folklore, and I also was able to experience some mind-blowing spiritual experiences of my own, two of them. 

Most importantly in this GREAT adventure, I passed an exam with Rosita herself to become a certified Arvigo® Practitioner. 

Arvigo® therapy is a set of  massage techniques that encourage women’s reproductive organs back into proper position among many other benefits. As Don Elijio has said, “The uterus is the woman’s center. If her uterus is not in proper position and good health, nothing in her life will be right. She will be as out of balance as her uterus.”  

This is the new work that I have been incorporating into my practice for the last year. When I was working with the lower abdomen and women’s pelvises with craniosacral therapy and chakra balancing, I just knew that this was such a powerful, mystic, fertile and divine center and most women hold so much “stuff” there dulling its beauty, radiance and power that I wanted to be part of its liberation. I would love to speak with you sometime about all the profound benefits of this amazing work.  http://purebodyworktherapies.com/index.php/services/new-arvigo-mayan-massage  and www.arvigotherapy.com

With Love, Kim