For as long as I can remember or at least during the last 12 years--post awakening, I’ve always wanted to go to the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in West Palm Beach, Florida. With two college degrees already in my pocket (student loans) and the hefty price tag of $7,000 a year for four years, the prospect of going seemed like a huge challenge. So to say I was bubbling over with excitement to take the Barbara Brennan two day course on energy medicine last weekend in Sarasota, FL is an understatement. The Hands of Light course is taught from Barbara Brennan’s first comprehensive treatment book on healing the human energy field (HEF); Hands of Light. The two day course was taught by Joy Adler, a consummate Barbara Brennan professional and shining example of a completely open channel, and focused on the basic and some of the advanced techniques into sensing, diagnosing and treating the HEF. We also learned about essential grounding techniques; grounding is paramount in becoming a great healer. A grounded healer is a more stable and an assuredly more accurate healer as well. The class was amazing. I learned so much about myself and was able to add many new techniques and “AHA!s” to my repertoire. This weekend’s work really stirred up some old unconscious wounds in me and helped released some long held blockages in my chakras from my life’s experiences. The weekend’s healing has certainly kept me on a path to becoming a better healer because I’ve healed more of myself. The increased depth of my understanding about the chakra system has left me more joyful, relaxed and confident. In my client’s sessions since, my intuition is proven to be keener. Until the opportunity to enroll in the Barbara Brennan four year program presents itself, I will continue to do my homework so that I can be better for my clients and for myself. It became very clear to me over the weekend why I was wanted to go to this class so much and hopefully eventually the school: it is the ultimate healing curriculum in all dimensions, on all levels, in all bodies, in all time and space past, present, future. Feel safe, live your passion, increase your self esteem, open your heart, speak your truth, manifest your will and become one with God. –Kim Gilbert