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Energy Medicine

“Energy Medicine is the future of our health.” –Dr. Norman Shealy. Energy Medicine incorporates many complementary, alternative and holistic therapies as approaches to maintaining and restoring health such as, but not limited to, Mind-Body medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yoga and Ayurvedic practices, and Japanese Reiki. Throughout history, and even today, conventional medicine could, and still is at times, brutally primitive. Everything that exists in our world is made up of energy including our physical bodies and it’s about time we start treating it as such.

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Pure Bodywork Therapies: Your Sacral Chakra

It's time to take a journey into deep waters, a ride along the emotional tides of the sacral chakra. This citrus orange chakra contains the elements of sensation, feeling, emotion, intuition, instinct, pleasure, desire, movement, change, vitality and sexuality. Transmutation and growth are a constant and desired soul-based phenomenon. These natural events are always pushing us toward what makes us feel alive and the sacral chakra energy is there to nudge us along the way.

Foremost the sacral center encompasses instinct, feelings and emotions. Feelings are an instinctual response to your senses: sight, taste, sound, touch and smell. Depending on how any external sensation, experience or stimuli makes you feel, it elicits an emotional response. Feelings are very important in that they allow you to navigate your world and reality. Intuition, the sixth sense, is strongly tied to how you feel, not what you think, it's an instinctual "knowingness." When you come in contact with an experience and interpret that experience with any of your senses including your six sense, your response to that external stimuli elicits a feeling which in turn cultivates an emotion. By tapping into whether or not something makes you feel good, helps you make decisions about how to move forward and navigate the different choices that present themselves in your life. If you don't feel good about a particular stimulus or expand into it, that is your intuition telling you that it is probably not the best choice for you. If you feel expansive and joyful about moving toward an event or a person, it is probably going to be life enhancing for you. Think of your feelings as your personal life GPS. Feelings also allow you to look at all aspects of your personality: light as well as dark. It is only by allowing yourself to feel all your emotions, darkness in addition to light, that you get a complete picture of yourself and what makes you tick. The sacral chakra is about your emotional identity--your emotional self; it offers an extraordinary pathway into your unconscious mind. You can obtain important information about your well-being thru your senses, feelings and emotions and without them, you can become numb and disconnected. If you deny the essence of the sacral chakra which is your emotional self, your intuition, well-being, creativity and health will suffer. Choosing to experience your emotions and then releasing them is different than deciding to take up residence there. With maturity, you can cultivate emotional balance --expressing emotions without being consumed, overloaded or paralyzed by them. Truly, how can you know what you want, if you don't know how you feel? How do you feel about what you are choosing? Does it make you feel as though you are expanding or contracting? In knowing how important feelings are to creating your desired life, it's unfortunate that society downplays the essential need for them opting instead for the intellect. In today's society emotions are not glorified in the same way that hard work is. We often neglect our need for passion and pleasure as we get older and swap it for society's "hard work-- no play" mentality. Denial of pleasure is seen as a responsible attribute.

After you've created stable grounding, your physical container, through the earth element of the root chakra, it time to start filling that solid container with the water element of the sacral chakra. Water is liquid movement. It's only through movement and change that you can transform yourself and progress toward your pleasures and desires, creating self-fulfilled autonomy. Again, it's only through feeling that you can know your deepest pleasures and desires. Biologically we always want to move toward our desires and what turns us on. Change and growth are ever present conditions of the human experience; without change and growth, we become stagnant and lifeless. You came here to experience the adventure of this earth walk and you cannot do that by standing in one place or from a safe harbor. "A ship in a harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for." It's time to let go and flow. Only through movement can we make contact with new experiences and new people. New experiences bring an excitement to life, the excitement of creation. Just as the universe is ever expanding and ever creating, it is the macrocosm to the microcosm of a human life and your sacral chakra.

The sacral chakra is a very powerful and important chakra because its vitality is significantly related to a person's overall life force and health. Your immune system is in the first two chakras, the Root and the Sacral. Therefore, sacral chakra health is a keystone of a person's overall physical health. This orange dynamite is the center of sexuality (quality and quantity) as well as power and vitality.

The sacral chakra seems to be predominantly referred as the sexual chakra. It has other important qualities but this is a good one. The front aspect of the sacral chakra is related to the quality of love and intimacy for another person that a person is able to have. When it is open, the person is able to give and receive sexual and physical pleasure. The rear aspect, the will center, of the sacral chakra is related to the quantity of sexual pleasure of a person. If it is open a person feels their sexual power. An orgasm bathes the body in life force; it revitalizes and cleanses the body with an energy bath that rids it of clogged energy, waste products and deep tension. Intimacy also provides nourishment, a physiological nourishment, that comes from communion and contact with another's body. The front and rear aspects of the sacral chakra meet at the heart of the chakra, in the spine. Intercourse is not only a physical pleasure; it is mental and spiritual pleasure as well. It is deeply spiritual in that it allows for the letting go of ego and the idea of separateness in order to experience unity and oneness. It primordial in its need to reproduce and in that spark of creation, lies a yearning to be close to the divine. The use of the Kundalini energy and tantric tradition can also support the second chakra. The sacral chakra reverberates the need for quality touch ( heart/pleasure connection) , to be creative and to biologically expand into pleasure.

I believe that a woman's intuition and power center are in her sacral chakra. All of life comes through to this earth through women's uteruses; birth is highly supreme, innate and instinctual. Woman have a pelvic pulse and if you become quite, meditate and tap in, you can feel it. When you are making good decisions or moving toward your inherent desires, yearnings and creating the most successful life for you, this pulse will grow stronger. If however you are ignoring your feelings, numbing yourself, making wrong choices or remaining lukewarm or half-hearted about your life, this pulse will grow weaker. "Your desire is your turn on. It is a compass literally telling you if you are moving in the right direction-- moving into the "Big Yes" ... life enhancing... turn on "yes." Biologically we are meant to expand into pleasure or we shut down into contraction," - Saida E. Desilets, Emergence of the Sensual Woman, PH.D

Feelings show you your life lessons as well as your life blessings.

Sacral Chakra Element: Water/Polarity

The Sacral Chakra Color: Orange

The Sacral Chakra Identity: Emotional Identity and Self Gratification

The Sacral Chakra Right: "The right to feel"

The Sacral Chakra Demon: Guilt

Sanskrit Name: Svadhisthana (Sweetness)

Signs that Sacral Chakra is in Balance:

  • Strong life force
  • Emotionally Sound
  • In touch with your feelings and can express them
  • Enjoys sexual intercourse and will be orgasmic
  • Creatively Fulfilled
  • Warm/Joyful
  • Spontaneous and Playful
  • Healthy Lower Back, Reproductive System and Urinary System. -
  • Balanced duality or polarity --Yin/Yang
  • Go with the flow and easily change
  • Trusts and acts upon instincts

Signs that Sacral Chakra is blocked:

  • Choose Safety Over Pleasure (Root Chakra spill over)
  • Excessive Boundaries
  • Reluctance to Risk
  • Deep resistance to change
  • Lack of or downplaying of intimacy. Sexual potency is weak and disappointing
  • Diminished sex drive or disclaim orgasmic importance or pleasure
  • Back Pain
  • Gynecological issues
  • Addiction (alcohol, sex, heroin)
  • Kidney and Urinary Problems
  • Depression
  • Prostate Issues
  • Creative Blocks
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Can't go with the Flow- Controlling

Some suggestions to help Balance your Sacral Chakra:

  • Wear the color orange i.e. under garments, clothing
  • Meditate on the color orange: breathe it in through the nose, move it down the spinal column to just below the Umbilicus (Belly Button) and to the top of the public bone.
  • Eat sweet foods or orange colored foods like mangos, oranges, nectarines, peaches, sweet potatoes and pumpkin
  • Movement Therapy such as dance or Movement Centered Bodywork.
  • Expressing Emotions- Emotional Work (Emotional Release) and reclaiming the right to feel
  • Sexual Healing- it's okay to have a balanced sensual approach to life. Sex is a beautiful experience when it honors the divinity of both partners.
  • Work through Guilt
  • Dance to music that makes your hips move or tones -the musical note D
  • Work with Essential Oils: Ylang Ylang, sandalwood, patchouli, myrrh, bitter orange, vanilla
  • Work with gemstones such as orange citrine, carnelian, red and brown aventurine and red jasper
  • Exercise
  • Yoga
  • Sit or play near or in a body of water
  • Mix things up--change your environment (even little things like painting a room or rearranging your furniture)

I hope you enjoyed and learned something new about your human energy field by reading my blog on the Sacral Chakra. Can't wait to get the next one in line out: Solar Plexus Chakra. It's coming soon so, please keep an eye out for it. With Love, Kim

Pure Bodywork Therapies: Your Root Chakra

The chakra system which is rooted in India and referenced in the Indian Medicine System of Ayurveda and yogic practices has become popular in the Western world over the last few decades. It has become popular in treating physical ailments, emotional disturbances, mental distress as well spiritual evolution and understanding. In fact, many are using chakra balancing in place of traditional psychotherapy. The word chakra means "spinning disk" and these disks spin clockwise from the energy field into our physical bodies. At the spinal column (spinal cord), the front and rear aspects of each chakra meet; the front aspect of the chakra correlates with emotion and the rear aspect to will. The clockwise spin allows the uptake of energy from the Universal Energy Field to power our Human Energy Field. If there is a block and a chakra is spinning counter clockwise then we are sending energy out into the Universal Energy Field from our Human Energy Field and thus depleting ourselves.

Although there may be other chakras that we are unaware of, it is generally and widely accepted that we have seven major chakras and 21 minor ones. The seven major chakras are: (from the base of spine to the crown of the head) The Root, The Sacral, The Solar Plexus, The Heart, The Throat, The Third Eye (Brow) and The Crown. The bottom three ( Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus) are considered the earthly chakras, the top three (Throat, Brow, Crown) are considered the more heavenly (spiritual) or symbolic chakras and the heart is the master filter or gateway for energy travelling from heaven to earth and vice versa, up and down the chakra highway. Every form of energy ( thought, deed, emotion) must be cleared by the heart when travelling to the earth or upon leaving earth and becoming heaven bound.

I will eventually cover all of these separately but in this piece, I will cover the most earth chakra of all : The Root Chakra. The Root chakra is your connection to earth. It is located at the base of the spine at the coccyx. It associated with the spinal column, rectum, legs, bones, feet, kidneys and immune system. In the endocrine system, it is connected to your adrenal glands. The root chakra says, "I have a right to be here."

The Root chakra is very important chakra for if it is improperly functioning , we will have a hard time staying on the earth and difficulties manifesting our physical desires and dreams. The root chakra is the foundation of material stability. All creative ideas, desires and dreams develop higher in the upper chakras and that energy must come thru the lower earthly chakras and lastly the root chakra before they manifest into physical form on earth. If the root is not functioning properly, the time between manifesting your thoughts into tangible reality can be a really long time, if at all. Conversely, we must also have our roots firmly anchored to the earth and our basic needs met in order to free our minds to be more creative and to let our branches reach for the heavens.

Great blog resource.

The root chakra starts with your tribal family. It relates to how safe your soul felt coming into the earth plane via your parents. If the child feels welcomed and loved, the root chakra will remain open because they feel that the earth and their immediate family are safe. If, however, as a soul you don't feel that the family you're coming into for your earth-walk is safe, you're going to be reluctant to fully incarnate and avoid growing the proper roots from your root chakra in order to anchor yourself here. As a soul and an infant, you'll have trouble grounding yourself here and struggle between both worlds. I often work with adults that have grounding issues that stem from childhood. And presently with the overall environment of the world, grounding can be quite a challenge considering we are all riding the turbulent waves of both worldly and personal periods of accelerated growth. It is a pivotal point of time for the elevation of earth and its inhabitants . How grounded are you? Some questions to ask are: do I feel safe here? Have I ever felt safe here? Do I feel like I belong here? Do I have a strong will to live?

Your connection to your tribal family is directly related to your physical identity. We can identify ourselves by our family's physical characteristics or social status, the geographical area into which we were born or lived, history of our linage, namesake and etc. We are energetically designed to live together, to create together, to learn together, to be together and to need one another. We are always exploring this truth. Our root chakra is where we develop and absorb the belief patterns of our parents and our ancestors, whether they are still valid or not. Generational energy is another aspect of our root chakras. Are there any inherited beliefs that need to be exorcised that no longer serve you and who've you become?

Our Root chakras are also about survival and self preservation. Our basic needs of air, food, shelter, water, warmth and sleep are imbedded in our root chakra. We need these very things to navigate the third dimension. Our physical embodiment by way of biological and physiological processes needs these basic elements of survival to stay here. The Root Chakra is the body and the body is the vehicle by which you experience aliveness.

The bottom two chakras, the Root and Sacral Chakra, make up our immune systems. Symbolically the immune system does for the physical body exactly what tribal power does for us: protects the entire body from potentially damaging external influences. Difficult tribal challenges weaken the immune system by losing power from the first chakra.

Root Chakra Element: Earth

The Root Chakra Color: Red

The Root Chakra Identity: Physical Identity and Self-Preservation

The Root Chakra Right: "The right to be here."

The Root Chakra Demon: Fear

Sanskrit Name: Muladhara "Root Support"

Signs that Root Chakra is in balance:

  • "I am here now."
  • Power and vitality emanate in form of vital energy
  • Individual acts as a generator by energizing those around them.
  • Strong will to live
  • Emotional control
  • Centered
  • Ease of letting go of things that are no longer needed
  • Grounded
  • Ability to manifest
  • Feeling Safe and Secure

Signs that the Root Chakra is out of balance:

Root blocked:

  • When you were about to incarnate and you didn't physically want to come in, would you ever cultivate a full life force on the earth? would you ever truly want to say "Here I am?"
  • Desire to be overlooked. You want to be invisible since you don't want to be here.
  • Physical vitality is blocked (Low Energy)
  • Does not make a strong impression in the physical world.
  • "Not" here (invisible)
  • Avoids physical activity
  • Sickly
  • Lacks physical power.
  • Immune disorders, chronic pain, skeletal issues
  • Feeling disconnected and unsettled
  • Inability to manifest material abundance into one’s life
  • Frozen by fear- inability to move forward
  • Anxiety/Panic Attacks

Some suggestions to help Balance Root chakra:

  • Wearing the color red i.e. under garments, clothing.
  • Meditate on breathing the color red in through the nose, down the spinal column and into bottom of spine. Also, envision roots coming out of the bottom of your feet and anchoring them deep in the earth to stabilize you.
  • Eating red foods such as beats, berries, and etc.
  • Listen to tribal music (like drumming) or tones-the musical note C.
  • Carry grounding stones such as Bloodstone, Tigers Eye, Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian or a small stone from the area into which you were geographically born.
  • Hang out in nature. Go for a walk.
  • Hug a tree.
  • Walk barefoot on the earth.
  • Work with grounding essential oils such as Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Patchouli, Myrrh.
  • Overcoming Fears

I hope you enjoyed my blog on the Root Chakra and please look for the Sacral Chakra coming soon. Love and light to all of you. Warmly, Kim

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Barbara Brennan Chakra/Aura Therapy

For as long as I can remember or at least during the last 12 years--post awakening, I’ve always wanted to go to the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in West Palm Beach, Florida. With two college degrees already in my pocket (student loans) and the hefty price tag of $7,000 a year for four years, the prospect of going seemed like a huge challenge. So to say I was bubbling over with excitement to take the Barbara Brennan two day course on energy medicine last weekend in Sarasota, FL is an understatement. The Hands of Light course is taught from Barbara Brennan’s first comprehensive treatment book on healing the human energy field (HEF); Hands of Light. The two day course was taught by Joy Adler, a consummate Barbara Brennan professional and shining example of a completely open channel, and focused on the basic and some of the advanced techniques into sensing, diagnosing and treating the HEF. We also learned about essential grounding techniques; grounding is paramount in becoming a great healer. A grounded healer is a more stable and an assuredly more accurate healer as well. The class was amazing. I learned so much about myself and was able to add many new techniques and “AHA!s” to my repertoire. This weekend’s work really stirred up some old unconscious wounds in me and helped released some long held blockages in my chakras from my life’s experiences. The weekend’s healing has certainly kept me on a path to becoming a better healer because I’ve healed more of myself. The increased depth of my understanding about the chakra system has left me more joyful, relaxed and confident. In my client’s sessions since, my intuition is proven to be keener. Until the opportunity to enroll in the Barbara Brennan four year program presents itself, I will continue to do my homework so that I can be better for my clients and for myself. It became very clear to me over the weekend why I was wanted to go to this class so much and hopefully eventually the school: it is the ultimate healing curriculum in all dimensions, on all levels, in all bodies, in all time and space past, present, future. Feel safe, live your passion, increase your self esteem, open your heart, speak your truth, manifest your will and become one with God. –Kim Gilbert

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How Can Reiki Heal Me?

I am a level I and II Usui Reiki practitioner. I have been practicing Reiki therapy on myself and others for close to a decade now. I have felt and seen many interesting phenomena while using this healing modality to bring the body back into balance. With a balanced energy system and improved health, peace of mind and tranquility will follow. Your body and your "inner wisdom" are better apt to continue healing from this relaxed state. Reiki reminds every part of you what is like to feel loved and to feel safe, two very important aspects in healing. It's a wonderful feeling to know that the universe supports your wellness and well being. Go and experience the wonderful benefits of Reiki from a certfied practitioner, you'll be glad you did. Click on the link below to read more about the benefits of Reiki. Love and light to you all. -Kim

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Ayurveda is India’s 5,000-year-old, quite possibly older, medical system that’s practiced for the maintenance of health and the prevention and treatment of disease. Ayurveda was created out of the laboratory we call Nature. It was the first holistic medical approach addressing body, mind and spirit.

Ayurveda translated means the “science of life.” It is based on ancient myths and theories as they apply to natural medicine (herbs, oils, foods, seasons and cycles) your body’s Dosha or combination of Doshas, the five elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Ether (Akasha) and the four directions (North, South, East and West). The fifth element Ether a.k.a Akasha is in reference to the Akashic records. For those that are unfamiliar with the term, the Akashic records are God’s Book of Remembrance which connects this element to the concept of spirit.

Here, I want to discuss Ayurveda’s Doshas and the progression of disease through the body according to the teachings of this ancient Indian Shamanic healing practice. In Ayurveda one’s body type can be classified into one of the three Doshas: Vata, Pitta, or Kapha. Your dosha represents your makeup both physically and psychologically. Usually, one dosha is primary and supersedes all others. Some people can be almost entirely one Dosha. However, I believe most people are a mix of all three doshas with varying degrees of influence. Vata is wind and is usually identified by such characteristics as a small/petite frame, thin, creative, talkative and prone to anxiety and worry. Pitta is fire and is usually identified by characteristics like medium/average frame, strong, intense, controlling, intellectual and prone to excess heat in the body. Kapha is water and some of its characteristics are large frame, muscular, sedentary, calm and prone to searching for happiness outside of oneself.

As I stated above, most people are primarily one dosha with a little bit of the others mixed in. I’m down the middle, almost half and half with a sprinkling of another. I’m mostly Pitta with quite a bit of Vata thrown in and a sprinkling of Kapha. Find out what your Dosha is by clicking this link below and answering a series of questions. You can then research helpful hints for heath and well-being based on your Dosha.

I always emphasize and teach about mind-body medicine and the body’s ability to heal itself. This is in line with the Ayurveda teaching that disease begins, first and foremost, in the mind. (Vanha- all disease starts in the mind) The mind is the origin of disease. The three poisons of the mind are anger, fear and attachment/desire. The ego brings us anger, fear and attachment/desire. Attachment and Desire can be linked to relationships, new job, new car, better house etc. etc.

Once disease is created by the mind, it then travels through the digestive system: stomach, small intestine and large intestine. If the mind is the origin of disease, the digestive system is the root of disease. It’s where disease roots and takes hold. (Ama-internal toxins produced by improper metabolic functioning)

Once disease roots itself in the digestive tract, it continues onto the liver and from there imbalance moves through the blood. With regard to women and their reproductive system, the blood stage, in the advancement of disease, is where you begin to see issues with disruption and irregularity of the menstrual cycle. It’s also the stage where the skin begins to show signs of the disorder.

Once in the blood, disease moves into hollow organs (kidneys & lung) and then onto the solid organs of the body such as pancreas, muscle and bones. Then after solid organ involvement, death eventually follows.

For optimum results in disease prevention and treatment, the emphasis is on stopping the disease process in its first two stages: first, in the mind and then from there, in the digestive system. If disease is treated here, in these first two stages, it’s unlikely to have further progression and if it has already moved onto advanced stages of involvement, up to 40% of disease process can be reversed and healed by treating the mind and digestive system alone.

This is a major difference in how Eastern and Western medicine treat disease. Eastern medicine studies disease at its origin then moves forward; Western medicine studies disease from disease and moves backwards. Eastern medicine wants to prevent disease and western medicine wants to prevent death.

But in Western Medicine once you’re at the advanced treatment stages, drugs and surgery, the standard protocol can induced lots of other complications. Disease has inertia. When you’re at beginning stages of disease, herbs used can be used. They’re weaker or gentler, but are highly effective at the origin/root stage, but when you need to stop death, pharmaceuticals have to be stronger. To its detriment, Western medicine/science lacks the poetry needed to use herbal medicine effectively in these beginning stages of disease and beyond. It is a dance that Western Medicine has not yet remembered.

As a side note--I do not negate western medicine in its entirety, but what I do believe is that in today’s world, it takes more than one approach to keeping us healthy and fit. This world is ever more competitive and we are experiencing stressors like never before. You have to incorporate spirituality, nutrition, bodywork and effective medicines with the least amount of side effects to help the body heal.

Okay so let’s nip disease in the bud by healing our minds and digestive systems. Look for ways to calm and strength the mind with things like herbs or supplements that reduce anxiety and “monkey mind”, daily meditation and/or prayer, exercise and reducing stressors that make us unhappy and let’s support and heal our digestive systems with things like probiotics, Glutamine, an Ayurvedic herb called Triphala or the three fruits that repairs the lining of the stomach to be taken before meals followed by another Ayurvedic herb called Trikatu or the three pungents that aids in digestion and should be taken with meals. Always consult with an Ayurvedic practitioner before starting any regiment. Use these resource to find a reputable practitioner near you   and

And remember, find out your Dosha. The more you know about your body, the better choices you’ll make for YOU.

Thumbs Up!

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